Are you running free previews or webinars to promote your paid workshop, coaching program, business conference, etc?

What is your turnout rate for your free events right now? Around 50%?

How about cranking that up to 80% – 100%?

After all, your free events turnout decides how fast you can fill up your paid events and bring in profits, right?

Before we go into the how-to, let’s look at why most free events only have average turnout rates… especially when the organizer is a relatively new (or small) player in the market.

First of all, because they are marketing their events like everyone else. Run some paid ads, get people to opt in on a landing page, send a confirmation email or SMS to their attendees… and then “let nature takes its course” up till the event date.

Well, the thing is, even if your free event is truly “value-packed” and life-transforming, it doesn’t mean a thing to those who are supposed to show up, but didn’t.

That also means you have to spend more money in lead generation and re-marketing. Or risk losing potential customers to your competitors.

The big mistake most organizers commit (while promoting their free events) is to just succumb to the average market turnout rate of around 50%.

But what if you can do just ONE thing that can skyrocket your free event turnout?

One thing that differentiates you from your competition.

One that can WOW your attendees even before they arrive.

One that lets you attract more excited attendees every single time. So you can finally (and proudly) announce that your events are always overbooked!

The solution we’re talking about is none other than our PocketSite.

Instead of just sending conventional (and boring) confirmation email and SMS, you can now send spellbinding intros of your events to enchant your attendees — and make them feel special with this “little extra touch”.

So, start improving your free events turnout with a PocketSite, increase your marketing ROI, and pull in profits much faster today — contact us for your very own customized PocketSite here today.

About PocketSite: We help small businesses and entrepreneurs to reach more target audience on mobile, inspire more social engagement, and attract more qualified leads.