How to Drastically Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs


If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll notice that acquiring new customers gets harder (and more expensive) every day.

Because as time goes by…

You have more competitors coming aboard fighting for a bigger piece of the pie.

And having more competitors means higher advertising costs for you, whether you’re using Google, YouTube, Facebook, TV, etc…

It also means your customers are bombarded every single day with even more offers – and if your competitors know what they’re doing, and they want it bad enough… there are bound to be offers better than yours.

So how do you solve this problem of the ever-increasing customer acquisition costs?


Well, you can focus on doing ONE THING very well: Getting more attention from your existing customers.

Because being really good in getting attention means your customers will remember you better than your competitors.

Many businesses make the mistake of trying too hard to grab the attention of new users or buyers, and almost totally forget about their existing customers.

Probably because it might seem more exciting to acquire the attention of new users, instead of nurturing the existing ones.

Or probably because it might seem more glamorous to boast a huge user database (thus the dumping of more money to acquire more new customers), instead of monitoring and increasing the loyalty and spending of existing users.


How to Get More Attention from Your Existing Customers (to Make Them Spend More)


There are 2 steps you can take to execute the ONE THING (getting more attention), so you can solve the problem of higher customer acquisition costs:

  1. Work on increasing the buying frequency and the spending of your existing customers
  2. Convert your existing customers in your loyal fans and ambassadors


How to Make Your Customers Spend More with You (More Frequently)


Our relationship with our customers is just like a marriage. If we want a long lasting happy marriage, we need to put in some hard work. Consistently.

The day they become our customers marks the beginning of our “marriage”. For the relationship to go on healthily, we need to nurture the relationship and strengthen the bond constantly.

And how can you do that? By constantly reminding them of you in an interesting way.

If you’re like most businesses, you probably have some staff or a standard customer service department to “handle” your existing customers.

And this “handling” focuses more on when something goes wrong. Very few companies actually have what we call the “Customer Happiness Department”.

A dedicated person or department who focuses mainly on getting valuable feedback for improvements, giving little surprises, and doing everything possible to make your customers happy.

Truth is, you need to deliver customer happiness consistently (if you have no staff who can do it, then you’ll have to do it yourself).

Customer Happiness

Because your existing customers are the ones who have trusted you enough to hand you their money for your promise to make their life better, easier or more enjoyable with your product or service.

They have bought from you because they feel connected to your message (and your promise) on an emotional level before (whether or not it was based on impulse).

The thing is, this emotional connection is highly valuable (and often quite expensive) to create. So why should you let it go to waste by neglecting them and focusing more on acquiring new customers?

Instead, you should be investing more in delighting them (your existing customers).

You can start by asking for feedback on their buying experience and see how you can improve it, or even make it more memorable.

You can give them little surprise gifts, exclusive discounts, or any other loyalty perks (remember to make these perks easy to redeem).

You can invite them to your shop using a different and interesting way every time you launch a new product, instead of just using boring, conventional SMS and emails.

If you can delight them consistently, you will most likely be able to…


Convert Your Customers into Loyal Fans & Ambassadors


When you are able to get your customers’ attention by connecting with them in interesting ways every single time, you will see more of them evangelizing your products and services themselves.

And this is something very powerful because word-of-mouth is still the most persuasive form of advertising.

You can only do so much about highlighting your unique value proposition and giving the big promise in your advertising message… but when enough of your happy customers help you spread the good word about you, that is when your reputation (and your revenues) soar to the next level.

Now the question is, how do you engage and delight your customers in an interesting way every single time? How can you make the feedback solicitation, surprise gifts, loyalty perks and invitations more interesting (and different from what your competitors are doing)?

Delight Your Customers

Are you going to SMS or email them? Or are you going to spend money remarketing to them on Facebook or Google to show them your offer on a static web page or ad banner like most people do? Or are you going to spend thousands of dollars on video production to create an emotional commercial to remind them of your existence and your transformational mantra like Coca Cola or Adidas?

If you are like most of your competition with no massive budget like the big boys, it is crucial that you make your current remarketing ads, SMS and email engagement with your customers more interesting.

Instead of the usual uninspiring forms of communication, you can incorporate some animations and interactive elements in your messages.

Because animations, personalization, and interactive marketing are on the rising trend. In fact, perceptive companies who are riding these trends are raking in more profits than ever.

The good news is, you can also jump on this bandwagon early if you have the right strategies and tools.

For this reason, we have created PocketSite to help you engage with your customers the interesting way and convert them into your loyal fans and ambassadors.

With PocketSite’s animated, interactive, and mobile-optimized micro-sites, you can solicit feedback, send loyalty perks, announce product launches and promotions in the most interesting ways.

It will no longer be a one-way communication where you only push your messages to your customers and expect them to accept and digest them.

Instead, you’ll be able to include delightful and engaging interactive elements in your SMS, emails and static web pages – which will help you get more attention every single time, and make your customers remember you meaningfully with every message you send them.

And if you keep standing out, get their attention and delight them differently every time, you can be sure that your customers will most happily spend more money (more frequently) with you. Plus telling their friends and family about their wonderful experiences with you.


Slash Your Customer Acquisition Costs and Get More Sales 

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