If you haven’t noticed, those who do very well in real estate often have a solid personal branding strategy. Because it is important for your prospects and customers to know, like and trust you — before they invest their time and money in you.

Sad to say, most real estate agents only distribute flyers, post their listings, run some Facebook ads, and then wait for calls. But not the top agents. They invest a lot of time and money in personal branding, including their grooming, attire, personal website, and social branding.

Because your prospective and existing customers would want to know more about who they’re dealing with — and what exactly you can do for them that other agents can’t. And if you’re not putting in enough effort to gain their trust, liking, and loyalty… you are practically sending them straight to your competition.

Think of it this way.

Given the same property listing, who do you think a customer would choose to trust and work with: A real estate agent who has a personal website that showcases his specialty (and what he can exclusively do for his customers), has interesting and comprehensive social profiles to gain trust from their customers, follows up with any enquiry promptly, takes initiative to send regular updates to their customers…


A real estate agent who only posts on property portals, distribute flyers, then hope for prospects and referrals? The thing is, it is not difficult to “go the extra mile” to get (and retain) more customers.

All you have to do is to keep reminding them of your presence and what you can do for them. There are a few ways to do it. If you already have a database, you can send relevant educational or even entertaining emails to them regularly. If you don’t have a database, it’s time to start building one now.

You can do that using Facebook ads, Google Adwords, or PocketSites (yup, that’s our brand new power tool for mobile marketing :)). You can also give away useful real estate investing tips and resources on your social profiles, and encourage your prospects to engage with you.

And if you want to stand out even more, you can tap on the hot video and animation trends right now… and create useful “edutainment” for your target audience. For videos, you can do a “Facebook Live” whenever you go for survey or viewing. You can even do short “live” videos of your daily activities… to show your customers that you’re a real person with real struggles, that you’re a real person who enjoy the simple pleasures of life just like them.

For animations, you can engage freelancers to create interesting (and useful) presentations to grab attention on social media. Or you can use our PocketSite to introduce yourself (personal branding), send useful tips and resources, or present your latest listings and project launches to your prospects customers. You see, to stand out among 30,000 real estate agents and not just be another phone number to call… you need go the extra mile the smart way.

To do that, you should always keep up with the latest development in the marketing arena, be an early adopter and test new ways of delivering value to your customers. So you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the “passive” real estate agents and get your lion’s share of the market.

To your success!